Shallow High-resolution Reflection Seismics

Shallow High-resolution Reflection Seismics

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The book covers all aspects of acquisition, processing and interpretation of shallow reflection seismic data for geotechnical and environmental purposes. Chapter 1 provides a thorough exposition of (i) the mathematical foundations of digital seismics, (ii) the physics of wave propagation in solids, (iii) the mathematical tools for the analysis of wave fields. This theoretical part is based extensively on first principles, thus the book can be used as a stand-alone reference to all aspects of shallow reflection seismics. Chapter 2 describes the field instruments, including the physical principles underlying them and their modern implementation, and the acquisition techniques that allow to obtain the best data under the given technical and operational constraints. Chapters 3-5 describe the processing required to maintain the resolution of seismic data without sacrificing other attributes of the data. The discussion is particularly thorough in where the required techniques go beyond the standard processing steps known from exploration seismics. Chapters 6-10 describe the use of portable vibrators in geotechnical surveying, that was pioneered by the authors and their colleagues. The first four of these chapters, that describe the special techniques required and some of the opportunities offered by the use of these tools, are based on experience with the portable P-vibrator, while chapter 10 was added after the recent introduction of the portable S-vibrator to shallow surveying. All five chapters are accompanied by data from actual surveys. The book closes with six case histories from different settings in Western Europe based on impact sources weight drop and explosives.all seismic data have been processed using ProMAX of Landmark Graphics Corporation. Only special software - e.g., for vibrator control - is still produced by OYO CAG staff. About two thirds of the book - essentially Chapters 1-3 and 1 1 - are taken more or less directly from a manual the authors wrote for a course organizedanbsp;...

Title:Shallow High-resolution Reflection Seismics
Author:Jan Brouwer, Klaus Helbig
Publisher:Pergamon - 1998


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