Shakespeare Without Fear

Shakespeare Without Fear

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SHAKESPEARE WITHOUT FEAR guides novice actors through Shakespearean verse, helping them understand dialogue, its meaning and purpose, and finally, helping them interpret it in their acting. It teaches actors how to use verse scansion, rhetoric, and vocal scoring to obtain the desired results from their own acting as well as from others in a scene. Written in the format of a dialogue between a student and an instructor, SHAKESPEARE WITHOUT FEAR explores a student's point of view, addressing the concerns of a first-time Shakespearean actor. The author writes with a sense of humor in a clear, unintimidating style.oxymoron: a figure of speech characterized by the combining of two normally opposite or contradictory terms. ... For example, a€œDiscard, bully Hercules, cashier; a€ personalize: to apply to a particular person, especially to oneself. ... to persuade or influence others; speech or writing expressed in terms calculated to persuade. rhetorical figure: a form of expression deviating from the normal arrangement or useanbsp;...

Title:Shakespeare Without Fear
Author:Joseph Olivieri
Publisher:Wadsworth Publishing Company - 2001


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