Shaggy Dog Stories & Nursery Rhymes

Shaggy Dog Stories & Nursery Rhymes

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Some of the influences that went into these poems: 60's reruns, 80's performance art, Hitchcock, Aesop's fables, surf culture, Zen, the i Ching, office culture, pop psychology, Dr. Seuss, Dr. Phil, Dr. Benway, and Dr. Caligari.The Blue Girls follow kids around Who dona#39;t know where theya#39;re going. Theya#39;ll get you more lost than you ever were And theya#39;ll leave you alone when ita#39;s snowing. Make sure and watch out for the Blue Girls, Or you might end up like me; I wasanbsp;...

Title:Shaggy Dog Stories & Nursery Rhymes
Author:Dave Dumanis
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-03-31


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