Shady Bend Road

Shady Bend Road

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Scientists Anton Singer and Heinz Kovalt have worked for years to create specimen #8107, a creature featuring the traits of some of the most savage animal predators on the planet. But with Singer dying from cancer, the cross-species monster, designed to kill American soldiers, is now for sale. Wendy Nugent, sheriff of Harrison County, Nebraska, grows suspicious when a government lab springs up on an abandoned farmstead near her own farm in the Blue River Valley, in the middle of nowhere. Despite being reassured by a colonel from the Pentagon, a representative of Homeland Security, and a Princeton scientist that it is simply a federal livestock research lab, she doesn't buy it. Nugent tries to investigate, only to be rebuffed by scientist Mark Sterns, with whom she begins a romantic relationship. Something beyond the normal research is obviously occurring in that compound, which sports its own Marine guards and security fences. She is kept in the dark until a powerful storm destroys the lab and unleashes a real terror that threatens her once-quiet county.The problem is, nature is stupid. It may be a successful ... It has a choice between a brand new million dollar Rolls Royce and a used Dodge Neon. It goes up to the Neon ... The Dodge Neon starts, it runs, it can be driven. Nature says okay, Ia#39;llanbsp;...

Title:Shady Bend Road
Author:James Howerton
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-12-16


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