Shadows of Greed

Shadows of Greed

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A ghostly specter is casting deadly shadows across the cities and plains of our nation...the shadows of greed. Driven by monumental profits and a lust for the exhilarations of power the producers and traffickers of illegal drugs prey upon the addictions and hedonistic pursuits of countless millions of Americans to accumulate incredible wealth and expanding power. Deke Gannon'A‚A‚Abagent extraordinaire for InterTel'A‚A‚Aband sidekick Cross join forces to terminate the three major Mexican drug cartels responsible for manufacturing and moving their products of death and personal destruction. In a series of daring solo forays into the wilds of Mexico supported, by the vast high tech resources of InterTel, Deke Gannon confronts the dealers of death on their own ground. It is a deadly game for InterTel, the drug users and suppliers...and someone must lose'A‚A‚Abor die trying!Deke stowed his computer repair kit and back ups along with a standard tool set for emergency repairs of all kinds. ... into the driving compartment seats testing this instrument and that, fiddling with the GPS displays on the laptop and heads upanbsp;...

Title:Shadows of Greed
Author:Ned Millis - 2007-04


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