Shadow on the Steps

Shadow on the Steps

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How did the ancient Israelites view and measure time? The Hebrew Bible, the chief source of information for Israelite time-reckoning during the monarchic period (ca. 1000a€“586 B.C.E.), contains chronological data from many different sources. This material has previously been treated as if it were derived from a single source and reflected but one system of time measurement. Shadow on the Steps considers the various sources and assesses each on its own terms. The path-breaking approach in this volume brings together material on biblical calendars and on the chronology of the kings and systematically uses one (calendars) to inform the other (chronology), laying the foundation both for a closer inspection of biblical approaches to history and for a foray into ancient chronography in general.textual error in the formula recounting the accession of Asa (1 Kgs 15:9a€“10). ... previous copyist, when he was writing down the Abijam formula, accidentally let his eye slip down to the following entry and copied that one instead. ... In addition to the accession formulas, the introductory rubrics contain a verdict about the behavior of the said king in light of his ... which include the age of the king at his accession, the number of years of his rule, and the name of his mother, exhibit a differentanbsp;...

Title:Shadow on the Steps
Author:David Miano
Publisher:Society of Biblical Lit - 2010


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