Shadow Maker

Shadow Maker

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How far will collateral damage from a CIA drone strike reach? When a suicide bomber shatters the peace of a winter afternoon on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., former pilot and undercover Cerberus operative Nick Baron receives an eerie invitation from the chess app on his phonea€”a mysterious figure named The Emissary wants to play. Nick and his covert unita€”the Triple Seven Chase teama€”soon find themselves drawn into battle against an unknown opponent who has resurrected an ancient order of assassins: the legendary Hashashin. And there is a long-awaited prophecy being fulfilled by a series of violent attacks which may culminate in a final apocalypse over Jerusalem. As the Triple Seven fight to stop each attack, Nick tries to keep The Emissary on the hook by playing their digital chess game. The lines between the game and the fight begin to blur, as every time Nick loses a piece on the board, he loses one of his men. And if Nick cannot find a way to stop the terrorist mastermind, a checkmate may kill millionsa€bamir Abbas slowed his aging Chevy deliverytruck toastop on asnow packed sideroad, hidden inthetrees off Canadian ... At this point he would normally returnto his greenhousein Warrensburg, New York, with an empty truck, but not today.

Title:Shadow Maker
Author:James R. Hannibal
Publisher:Penguin - 2014-06-03


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