Shades of Gray

Shades of Gray

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Set in the heart of sprawling Los Angeles, Shades of Gray is a depressingly intimate, horrifically kaleidoscopic novel about two roommates-one trying desperately to secure a future she desires, as the other dives into a gluttony of excess to avoid the predictable nine-to-five, post-college adult world he's now an unwilling member of-who become entangled in bizarre episodes of sexual oddity, bankrupt morality, and human frailty, each in the vivid backdrop of a city gripped by a serial of a merciless serial killer. Lindsay, a graduate student and aspiring writer, is in love with her friend Kaspar who may or may not be a murderer, and her roommate Shea, a respected up-and-comer at Industrial Insurance Group, who is gay most of the time, drunk most of the time, high most of the time, and on a constant caroming quest to find his own mystery man, each crossing paths with The Murderer, and each experiencing the darkest side of macabre torment. Shades of Gray, Christopher Szatkowski's third novel, is the spectacular downfall of slightly regular people.It was an upper middle class home with glass cabinets from floor to ceiling filled with expensive ceramic dolls piled high ... The dolls have forced Kraemer into the soul of a mana#39;s man: Home Depot credit cards, Adam and Eve bulk orders, Ohioanbsp;...

Title:Shades of Gray
Author:Christopher Szatkowski
Publisher:iUniverse - 2006-03


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