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Merenptah is dead after only nine years on the throne and his son Seti is king in his place. He rules from the northern city of Men-nefer, while his elder brother Messuwy, convinced the throne is his by right, plots rebellion in the south. The kingdoms are tipped into bloody civil war, with brother fighting against brother for the throne of a united Egypt. On one side is Messuwy, now crowned as King Amenmesse and his ruthless General Sethi; on the other, young King Seti and his wife Tausret. But other men are weighing up the chances of wresting the throne from both brothers and becoming king in their place. The House of Ramesses crumbles under the onslaught.We should gather every man at our disposal and hurl them at the throat of the enemy before he can recover. ... The gods of Kemet demand that you stand by the oaths you swore on your coronation day to rule your people with justice andanbsp;...

Author:Max Overton
Publisher:Writers Exchange E-Publishing - 2014-08-01


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