Semistructured Database Design

Semistructured Database Design

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Semistructured Database Design provides an essential reference for anyone interested in the effective management of semsistructured data. Since many new and advanced web applications consume a huge amount of such data, there is a growing need to properly design efficient databases. This volume responds to that need by describing a semantically rich data model for semistructured data, called Object-Relationship-Attribute model for Semistructured data (ORA-SS). Focusing on this new model, the book discuss problems and present solutions for a number of topics, including schema extraction, the design of non-redundant storage organizations for semistructured data, and physical semsitructured database design, among others. Semistructured Database Design, presents researchers and professionals with the most complete and up-to-date research in this fast-growing field.The ORA-SS data model consists of four diagrams: ORA-SS instance diagram, ORA-SS schema diagram, functional dependency diagram ... to an entity type in an ER diagram, a class in an object-oriented diagram or the type of an element in the semistructured data model. ... The attributes are represented as labeled circles joined to their object class by a directed edge and identifiers are filled circles.

Title:Semistructured Database Design
Author:Tok Wang Ling, Gillian Dobbie
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2006-03-30


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