Semiconductor TeraHertz Technology

Semiconductor TeraHertz Technology

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Key advances in Semiconductor Terahertz (THz) Technology now promises important new applications enabling scientists and engineers to overcome the challenges of accessing the soa€“called terahertz gap . This pioneering reference explains the fundamental methods and surveys innovative techniques in the generation, detection and processing of THz waves with solida€“state devices, as well as illustrating their potential applications in security and telecommunications, among other fields. With contributions from leading experts, Semiconductor Terahertz Technology: Devices and Systems at Room Temperature Operation comprehensively and systematically covers semiconductora€“based room temperature operating sources such as photomixers, THz antennas, radiation concepts and THz propagation as well as rooma€“temperature operating THz detectors. The second part of the book focuses on applications such as the latest photonic and electronic THz systems as well as emerging THz technologies including: whispering gallery resonators, liquid crystals, metamaterials and graphenea€“based devices. This book will provide support for practicing researchers and professionals and will be an indispensable reference to graduate students in the field of THz technology. Key features: Includes crucial theoretical background sections to photomixers, photoconductive switches and electronic THz generation a detection. Provides an extensive overview of semiconductora€“based THz sources and applications. Discusses vital technologies for affordable THz applications. Supports teaching and studying increasingly popular courses on semiconductor THz technology.[15] Ashcroft, N.W. and Mermin, N.D. (1976) Solid State Physics, Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, New York, p. 25. ... [19] Reif, F. (1965) Fundamentals of Statistical and Thermal Physics, McGraw-Hill, New York. ... Norwood, MA, http://www. (accessed 28 November 2014).

Title:Semiconductor TeraHertz Technology
Author:Enrique Garcia-Munoz, Guillermo Carpintero, Hans Hartnagel, Sascha Preu, Antti R?is?nen
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2015-09-15


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