Semiconductor Lasers and Herterojunction LEDs

Semiconductor Lasers and Herterojunction LEDs

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Semiconductor Lasers and Heterojunction LEDs presents an introduction to the subject of semiconductor lasers and heterojunction LEDs. The book reviews relevant basic solid-state and electromagnetic principles; the relevant concepts in solid state physics; and the p-n junctions and heterojunctions. The text also describes stimulated emission and gain; the relevant concepts in electromagnetic field theory; and the modes in laser structures. The relation between electrical and optical properties of laser diodes; epitaxial technology; binary III-V compounds; and diode fabrication are also considered. The book further tackles the heterojunction devices of alloys other than GaAs-AlAs; the devices for special applications; distributed-feedback lasers; and the transient effects in laser diodes. Students taking courses in semiconductor lasers and heterojunction LEDs will find the book useful.In addition to its use in communications, the laser diode provides an interesting replacement for low power gas lasers in ... 16 1 PbSnTe z 6 Q E a: g GoAsSb/ AIGoAsP |v| lnGoAs/lnGuP 3 InGoAsP/lnP 0a#39;9 AlGuAs 0.69 In GoAsP/lnGoP 0.65 FlG.

Title:Semiconductor Lasers and Herterojunction LEDs
Author:Henry Kressel
Publisher:Elsevier - 2012-12-02


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