Selected Film Essays and Interviews

Selected Film Essays and Interviews

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This engaging collection of Bruce F. Kawina€™s most important film essays (1977a€“2011) is accompanied by his interviews with Lillian Gish (1978) and Howard Hawks (1976). The Hawks interview is particularly concerned with his work with William Faulkner and their friendship. The Gish interview emphasizes her role as a producer in the 1920s. The essays focus on such topics as violence and sexual politics in film, the relations between horror and science fiction, the growth of video and digital cinema and their effects on both film and film scholarship, the politics of film theory, narration in film, and the relations between film and literature. Among the most significant articles reprinted here are a€œMe Tarzan, You Junk, a€ a€œThe Montage Element in Faulkner's Fiction, a€ a€œThe Mummya€™s Pool, a€ a€œThe Whole World Is Watching, a€ and a€œLate Show on the Telescreen: Film Studies and the Bottom Line.a€ The book includes close readings of films from a€œLa JetAcea€ to a€œThe Wizard of Oz.a€But when he saw that, he jumped up and ran up to me; he said, a€œWherea#39;d you get that gesture? I never saw ... And he forgot all about the germs and everything [ laughs] and used it all through. ... People come back and tell you youa#39;re good often.

Title:Selected Film Essays and Interviews
Author:Bruce F. Kawin
Publisher:Anthem Press - 2013-04-01


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