Seeing in the Dark

Seeing in the Dark

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Christians are supposed to be a€œthe light of the world.a€ Yet we seem to spend most of our time stumbling in the dark. We want answers carved in stone, and instead we get uncertainty. We want a clearly marked path and a panoramic view of the future, and God gives us only fleeting glimpses of what lies aheada€”and just enough light to take the next step. So what do we do? We take the next step. In her much anticipated follow-up to Looking for God, Nancy Ortberg takes readers on a journey that began thousands of years ago. From an ancient cave in Turkey to the California coast, Nancy highlights the often unexpected, sometimes imperceptible, yet always extraordinary means God uses to light our way through even the most painful and challenging moments in life.Cracks are bad enough in your favorite crystal glass, your iPhone screen, or your car windshield. Most of us are hoping to avoid them in our planet. Therea#39;s no quick fix for these cracks, no repair or replacement service; we just have to live withanbsp;...

Title:Seeing in the Dark
Author:Nancy Ortberg
Publisher:NavPress - 2015-07-21


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