See No Evil

See No Evil

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From the bestselling author of The Art Forger See No Evil is a supernatural thriller about witchcraft, reincarnation, and murder in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The story opens as Lauren Freeman touches the worn leather binding of The Chronicle of the Coven. She sees a flash of knives and hears a strange chorus of voices in her head. Lauren is undeterred. A newly divorced single mother, she is a graduate student in history writing a book about American witch trials with her professor Jackie Pappas. Lauren needs the money the book will bring. Its focus is a mysterious event that took place in 1692 when seven convicted a€œwitchesa€ vanished from their prison cells on the eve of their executions and were never seen again. Lauren and Jackiea€™s research begins to uncover bizarre reports. Then, suddenly, Jackie is dead, and Lauren is left to write their book alone. Lauren knows that Jackie was murdered and that if she is not careful, she will be next. Laurena€™s battle to avenge Jackiea€™s death and save her own life takes her from Wiccan festivals to ancient cemeteries to the bowels of dark libraries. After her sona€™s kidnapping, multiple murder attempts, and a chase through labyrinthine subway tunnels, Lauren finally confronts the perpetrator of these horrific events and acknowledges that, even in the everyday, things are often not as they seem.Leaning back against the soft leather seat, she stared up through the sunroof atthe clear sky above. Thesliver ... a€œIt wasa Jeep.a€The closeness ofGabea#39;s body and the seclusion of the sensuous sportscar brought back theprevious night: his incredible smile, the hair curling overhis collar, their kiss. ... a€œIta#39;s an issue ofcivil liberties.

Title:See No Evil
Author:B.A. Shapiro
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2015-02-01


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