Secrets of the Holy Bible

Secrets of the Holy Bible

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This book uses both modern science and biblical references together without contradiction. This book releases for the first time, secret codes in the bible which disclose the approximate dates of all events in the book of Revelation which includes the dates of all seven seals and what they really are, and the exact date the Antichrist and false prophets are due to arrive, and what 666 really stands for in the ancient text. This book also exploits hypocrisies of our society and explains biblical misconceptions and loop holes in the bible and shows the reader how far fetched you could make religion because of these loop holes. This book also categorizes and groups together bible verses related to similar topics for your convenience and reference; and most importantly, this book documents with over 2, 900 different bible verses what the bible really says.someone then be sure you steal from people who have no credibility! ... it would be easy for a computer hacker to steal money out of the system and pocket it, or an agent working for the child support agency to modify the computer data andanbsp;...

Title:Secrets of the Holy Bible
Author:Last Prophets
Publisher:Author House - 2011-04-13


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