Secrets of Success in Selling ePub eBook

Secrets of Success in Selling ePub eBook

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Do you want to be an ordinary or extraordinary sales professional? These are real secrets. Pearls of wisdom learnt through years of successful selling. The Secrets of Success in Selling holds the key that will unlock your sales success, allowing you to: a€c Improve your results a€c Communicate more effectively a€c Build stronger customer relationships a€c Create long-term rewards for you, your business, your team and your clients. Divided into 3 Parts, it provides a simple step-by-step approach to improving your selling ability by focusing on yourself, your sales skills and your sales strategy. This book will ensure that you achieve the maximum results and make a real difference to your sales performance.So for the first 18 months of trading I adopted Jeffrey Gitomera#39;s (the author of The Sales Bible and The Little Red Book of Selling) a#39;50 bum rulea#39;, which basically means if there was an event with 50 butts in the room, my booty was in there too!

Title:Secrets of Success in Selling ePub eBook
Author:Nicola Cook
Publisher:Pearson UK - 2013-07-25


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