Secret Service Dad

Secret Service Dad

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Clear and Presenta€bTrouble? Mike Wheeler needed to look no further than Charlene qCharlieq Norris to find the cause of the pain in hisa€”leg. Mixing it up with a diplomat one minute, then chasing after an exotic pet the next, Charlie was an international incident just waiting to happen. The woman was pure trouble. With her long, shapely legs and cheery attitude, she had a way of turning his wellordered world upside down every time their paths crossed. Mike already had his hands full, juggling single fatherhood and a danger-filled job. Now he'd pulled bodyguard duty for the free-spirited blonde who made his blood race and lonely heart stir. But was Charlie really mother and wife material? And was Mike prepared to become a secret service husband? Grooms in Uniform: Serving their country, as they follow their heartsa€bShe twisted in her seat belt to stare at him. a€œTurn this car around.a€ a€œYour death is exactly what Ia#39;m trying to prevent, sweetheart, a€ Mike ... Treat Charlie like a child! If she hadna#39;t sounded so serious, he would have been tempted to laugh. Mentallyanbsp;...

Title:Secret Service Dad
Author:Mollie Molay
Publisher:Harlequin - 2014-10-15


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