Second Place Heroes

Second Place Heroes

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qSecond Place Heroesq is about the UK punk band I played for between 1998-2003 called MR.ZIPPY. A great story of some friends from a small town that fought upstream and did something that changed our lives. We never took over the world but we did get out of our town and all round the country, to Japan and to Norway. Starting as a small band at school I tell of how we went on to become professional recording artists playing to thousands, and how that affected our lives. It also touches on many other punk bands and just a whole celebration of the scene we had at the time and what we did with it - how we grew, and where we fell.I can remember what John Sheller had said to us - aquot;youa#39;ve got your whole life to write your first classic album, and about six months to write ... After hours of song writing we rewarded ourselves with an episode of Family Guy or a game of Shithead. ... Band members kept shooting off here and there, any excuse to not be in that environment, even sometimes coming back too hung over to be of any use.

Title:Second Place Heroes
Author:Greg Pearson - 2010-08


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