Searching for God

Searching for God

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My name is Dakota Stone, and I am a first time author who through the calling of God and my constant searching for God decided to write this story around my main character Joshua Stones three stage saga on his life's constant search to find a God he could both love and trust. As many of us, his life is filled with many trials and tribulations that constantly pull him towards God, and away from living for and with God. The story begins when he is a young boy who becomes obsessed with his strange and terrifying dreams that for him make no sense at all, and his friends and family only see him as a boy living in a fantasized dream world. All Joshua wants is to become a dynamic football star, and become rich and famous. During the second stage of his life he falls deep into sin, and all the ways of the world where he turns completely away, and even decides that he hates the very God who seems bent on still being the driving force in his life of sin. Finally after a span of about 15 years Joshua finally becomes a warrior for God, and he and his life long friend Caleb Rock are sent on a spectacular terrifying journey by God to change the ever present evil world that is under the hand of the nefarious rule of the Brotherhood of Man. I wrote this deep rooted and faith inspiring story in hopes that once again people of all ages would wipe the many layers of dust off their hidden Bibles, and begin to discover how lost their lives have become, because of the temptations of our fast passed world, and become encouraged that no matter how far you have fallen away from the tree of life that in God it is never to late. Jesus Christ, Yeshua our Savior said, qTHE KINGDOM OF GOD IS AT HAND, AND IT IS IN YOU!qBoth of these boys dream that they will become the greatest two football players ever to play on the football field of dreams. Josh was going to be the quarterback and Cal was to be his wide receiver. They both daydreamed about playing in the anbsp;...

Title:Searching for God
Author:Dakota Stone
Publisher:Author House - 2013-09-24


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