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A small team from the US Navy arrives in Vietnam in the spring of 1962. At first, its members only hear whispers about what they are supposed to accomplish. The unit goes by the name MTT 10-62 because its mission is so secret. This is the first Sea, Air and Land teama€”later known as the SEALsa€”and ita€™s gearing up to train a group of volunteers from the Vietnamese Junk Force in counterinsurgency and maritime warfare. Told mostly through the perspective of Chris a€œDoca€ Davida€”a first class hospital corpsman, first class diver, and diving medical techniciana€”and Lt. Bill Evans, SEAL Doc shows how the first SEALs work in conjunction with Army Special Forces and others to stop the spread of communism. While the SEALs are outstanding fighters and tacticians, they get little material support to accomplish their mission. The team arrives in Da Nang with nothing but stateside uniforms, and their vehicles and gasoline must be a€œliberateda€ from Vietnamese motor pools. Meanwhile, the daily challenges the SEALs face are preparing them for a final explosive mission and setting the stage for the future development of Navy SEALs in SEAL Doc, a historical novel based on the true story of the SEALs.A sample of fuse from each lot needs to be timed in seconds of burn time per foot, only then can you figure out how much fuse ... but that may have been done sometime before you want to use the fuse and burn time does change as fuse ages.

Title:SEAL Doc
Author:Lt. Cmdr. D.R. Davis, MSC, USN (Ret.)
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-11-16


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