ScripTipps: The Fault in Our Stars

ScripTipps: The Fault in Our Stars

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Based on a young adult novel with a fan base comparable to Beatlemania, THE FAULT IN OUR STARS wildly outperformed its own studio's box office estimates with a $48 million opening weekend, going on to become the highest grossing teen romance outside the TWILIGHT franchise and one of the most profitable movies of 2014. Its success has boosted demand in Hollywood for young adult fare that favors real life issues over vampires and dystopian governments. ScripTipps analyzes the successful tearjerker's screenplay adaptation by Scott Neustadter a Michael H. Weber ((500) DAYS OF SUMMER) scene by scene, from beginning to middle to end. Learn how to approach sensitive subject matter such as cancer and the Holocaust without mawkishness but without offense, balance a plot-driven B story adventure within an internalized, character-driven A story, express theme visually, use multiple styles of voiceover effectively, and a whole lot more by studying this modern day LOVE STORY meets THE WIZARD OF OZ. Discover screenwriting secrets by deconstructing the movies you love. ScripTipps are tools to improve your screenwriting, not rules you must slavishly follow. Each ScripTipps ebook analyzes one movie and its story and screenplay in depth to uncover hundreds of useful and practical tips that can be applied to any screenplay, including yours! NOTE: This ebook does NOT include the actual screenplay being discussed. ALSO AVAILABLE: ScripTipps: Arrested Development ScripTipps: Bridesmaids ScripTipps: Carrie (1976) ScripTipps: The Descendants ScripTipps: The Hangover ScripTipps: Sleepy Hollow ScripTipps: Star Trek (2009) ScripTipps: Superman a Superman II ScripTipps: Waitress COMING SOON: ScripTipps: Breaking Bad ScripTipps: CommunitySpoiler Alert: Each ScripTipps screenplay study guide assumes the reader has seen the movie being analyzed. ... Arrested Development (pilot) Breaking Bad ( coming soon) Bridesmaids Carrie Community (coming soon) The Descendants The Hangover ... (2013 pilot) Star Trek (2009 reboot) Superman and Superman II anbsp;...

Title:ScripTipps: The Fault in Our Stars
Author:Dan Margules
Publisher:elfpublished books - 2014-09-16


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