Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled Eggs

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A regular guy tells his life story. The product of a broken home, he spends his life searching for love and meaning, struggling to have a family and keep it. Along the way he stumbles into and out of intense physical and emotional relationships, and faces unimaginable pain as love once held in his arms is torn away by self indulgence and a horrible disease. After years of wandering and loss, blessings are showered upon him, as he achieves his life's dreams, and hope is restored with new life and love.I had wanted to learn in the 4th grade, but my buddy, Fred Valentin, talked me out of it. He thought I shouldna#39;t ... It was really a clever ploy, preventing competition in the infrastructure of our friendships. So instead of playing ... Then, I decided forget Fred, and went ahead and started taking drum lessons. My main reason for anbsp;...

Title:Scrambled Eggs
Author:Kevin Nicht - 2006-03


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