Science for Primary and Early Years

Science for Primary and Early Years

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Science for Primary and Early Years is a comprehensive guide to the subject knowledge requirements for the teaching of science in early years settings and primary schools. This second edition consists of activities to help the reader extend their own understanding of science. Part One explores understanding the nature of science, processes of planning, carrying out and evaluating scientific investigations, collecting and using data, hypothesizing, predicting, fair testing, use of correct terminology and understanding health and safety as well as key ideas in science that underpin subject knowledge. Part Two builds on these ideas as it explores in more detail life and living processes, the environment, electricity and magnetism, light, sound and the earth in space. This text is part of the series Developing Subject Knowledge which covers English, Mathematics and Science and provides authoritative distance learning materials on the national requirements for teaching the primary core curriculum, working with the early years and achieving qualified teacher status. It is designed for initial teacher training, experienced practitioner self-study, and will help towards GCSE revision. This is a set book for the Open University Course, 'Ways of Knowing: language, mathematics and science in the early years'.colours 192a€“6 electromagnetic spectrum 181a€“2 eyes 190a€“2 how it travels 183 lenses 189a€“90 questions and answers 231, 237 reflection 185a€“8 refraction 188 speed of 193 through materials 183a€“5 as transverse wave 183 ... currents 162a€“3 energy 70a€“2 gel viscosity 23a€“4 key skills 13t sound 202 mechanical energy 43 meiosis 104, 122, 123 Mendel, ... outside activities 17a€“18 ova see eggs ovaries 98t over-exercise 106 overgrazing, species loss 146a€“7 oxygen 34, 34t, 35, 37, 38 , 39t, anbsp;...

Title:Science for Primary and Early Years
Author:Jane Devereux
Publisher:SAGE - 2007-06-14


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