Science Fiction, Horror & Fantasy Film and Television Credits: Filmography

Science Fiction, Horror & Fantasy Film and Television Credits: Filmography

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With this book a reader who wishes to know who the stars ofIt! The Terror from Beyond Spacewere and if they are still living, or if a member of the cast of qThe Trouble with Tribblesq episode ofStar Trekever appeared in a science fiction film, or what the name of theTwilight Zoneepisode starring Robert Redford was, will be able to locate the information with ease. These volumes cover science fiction, horror and fantasy films and television from the late 1800s through the end of 1999. Volume 1 has all the credits. The first part is an alphabetical listing of actors and actresses who have made a significant contribution to horror, science fiction and fantasy films. Each listing includes the individual's date of birth when known and date of death when applicable. The second part contains credits for directors, producers, screenwriters, make-up artists, cinematographers, special effects technicians, and numerous others. Volume 2 is a filmography. It lists films with date, country of origin (other than the United States), alternate titles, production credits, and a complete-as-possible cast listing. The films are listed in alphabetical order, usually under the United States release title. Films made for theaters, television, cable or video tape can be found in this section. Volume 3 is the listing of television programs. All television series and episodes of a science fiction, horror or fantasy nature are included. The series listing generally includes the regular cast, individual episode title, original air date, and guest cast, director and writer credits. This work is a unification, revision, correction, expansion and update of the original 1983 two-volume set and its 1989 and 1994 one-volume supplements. This film book is published as a set of three volumes. Replacement volumes can be obtained individually under ISBN 0-7864-0950-9 (for Volume 1), ISBN 0-7864-0951-7 (for Volume 2) and ISBN 0-7864-0952-5 (for Volume 3).... Eldredge (Barnes); Rusty Westcoatt (Magruder); Bianca Vischer (Mahara); Pierce Lyden (Allen); John Hart (Guard). ... Jud Taylor; Exec. .... Bill Johnson, Nick McFarran (Splattera#39;s Elite Guard); Jessie Sublett, David Moerbe, Charles Gruber (Mean Mutants in Alley); ... Ron Granger (Mr. Christie); Peter Moon ( Minister); Tom Elovaris (II Revolto); Michael Eckersall (Schoolteacher); Paul Harris (Newsreader).

Title:Science Fiction, Horror & Fantasy Film and Television Credits: Filmography
Author:Harris M. Lentz
Publisher:McFarland & Company Incorporated Pub - 2001


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