Science & Christianity

Science & Christianity

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Science and Christianity. Are they partners or opponents? Christians have long debated the relationship of science to faith. With the rise of Darwinism, however, the issue took on new significance. Darwinism appeared to undermine the authority of the Bible and the credibility of Christianity by freeing science of the need for a Creator. Rethinking the relationship between science and Christianity quickly became a priority. How does a faithful Christian respond to the pronouncements of contemporary science? Is science a help or a hindrance to belief? Are science and the Bible in conflict? At the beginning of the twenty-first century, Christians continue to wonder whether faith and science are partners or opponents. In this book six Christian scholars sort through the issues as they present four different views on the relationship of science and Christianity. These include Wayne Frair and Gary D. Patterson for qcreationism, q Jean Pond for qindependence, q Stephen C. Meyer for qqualified agreementq and Howard J. Van Till for qpartnership.q Each contributor responds to the other scholars, noting points of agreement and disagreement. Editor Richard F. Carlson offers an introduction to this contemporary debate as well as a postscript to help us evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each view.Views range from a strict creationist posture to full-fledged partnership. Edited by Richard F. Carlson.

Title:Science & Christianity
Author:Richard F. Carlson
Publisher:InterVarsity Press - 2000-08-31


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