Schiit Happened

Schiit Happened

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qDespite, or maybe because of, their self-effacing nature, Schiit Audio has become the powerhouse headphone amp company over the last few years. From afar, it looks like they did it with ease...but the truth is much more complicated.q--InnerFidelity For everyone who didn't win the venture capital lottery, or everyone who wasn't born with a trust fund, for everyone who doesn't have rich relatives... This is the story of how real start-ups work. This is how to turn a dream into a multimillion dollar businessa€”without selling out, without spending a mint on marketing, and without losing your sense of humor. Meet Schiit Audio, a company born in a garage that went on to change the face of high-end personal audioa€”challenging the idea that everything must be made in China, rejecting old ideas about advertising and social awareness, and forging our own unforgettable brand. This is our (improbable) story. Herea€™s to your own storiesa€”and your success!Everything has advantages and disadvantages. Period. Everything. The Ferrari you paid $400K for is going to be hard to get into and out of. The clutch packs on the robotic manual transmission will need adjusted every 8, 000 miles. The brakesanbsp;...

Title:Schiit Happened
Author:Jason Stoddard, Mike Moffat
Publisher:Fake Reality - 2015-06-08


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