Say You Need Me

Say You Need Me

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qMr. Rightq was wrong! Lovelorn librarian Serena Childs was destroyed when Cecil Montforda€”the finea€“looking charmer she thought was qThe Oneqa€”snuck out of her life with her savings and a priceless diamond necklace. And now he's dining in plain view at a local restaurant only two weeks later! But it's not until she has the man arrested that Serena discovers he's not Cecil at alla€”but the lowlife thief's equally hot twin brother, Darrell. The lady can't believe the two are actually related. Where Cecil was lowdown, Darrell's loyal and honest . . . and as tempting a dark dreamboat as her lips have ever ached to kiss. Darrell's eager to help Serena get back the jewelsa€”and the hearta€”his noa€“good twin stole from her. But how can she trust someone with the same heavenly face that gave her hella€”even when the angel tells her he wants to love her for a lifetime?aquot;Mr. Rightaquot; was wrong!

Title:Say You Need Me
Author:Kayla Perrin
Publisher:Harper Collins - 2009-10-06


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