Satellite Television

Satellite Television

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Satellite television is part of the lives of millions of television viewers worldwide, and its influence is set to increase significantly with the launch of digital satellite television services. Digital satellite television will increase its penetration into the market, with analogue services continuing to run in tandem for some time. In the near future, the return path required for interactive services currently using the telephone line may be provided by an individual satellite uplink using the same small dish as the downlink. This comprehensive reference book, written by the author of the highly successful Digital Television, provides a technical overview of both analogue and digital satellite TV. Written concisely and thoroughly, it covers all aspects of satellite TV necessary to understand its operation and installation. It also describes the possible evolution of satellite television, and contains a detailed glossary of technical terms and abbreviations. The most recent developments of the receiving installation are covered, including consequences of the frequency extensions of the Ku band for the antennas and receivers, new methods of switching and controlling antennas (DiSEqC) and various possible forms of collective distribution (SMATV). This book will prove invaluable to both professionals and undergraduates alike, as well as enthusiasts wishing to understand how their installation works and how to upgrade.Techniques of Analogue and Digital Television HervAc Benoit ... Converter (LNC), which changes the frequency to the 950 to 2150 MHz range (SAT-IF), and it is then led by a coaxial cable to the input of the IRD. 7. ... The block-diagram of Fig.

Title:Satellite Television
Author:Hervé Benoit
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons Incorporated - 1999-08-13


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