SAT II Biology For Dummies

SAT II Biology For Dummies

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Get tips on preparing for test traps Psych yourself up and score your best Yipes! You've got 60 minutes to answer 80 questions on plants and animals, ecology, genetics, cells and molecules, and evolution. How do you psych yourself up and score your best? This friendly guide delivers just what you need -- a thorough review of biology, including special sections on qMq and qEq exam topics, plus two complete practice tests and lots of insider tips to help boost your score. Discover how to * Recognize wrong answers * Zero in on the best answer * Manage your time * Minimize test-taking anxiety * Familiarize yourself with the formatThe electrons are going to stage three a€” the electron transport chain a€” and not to the Krebs cycle, so (C) is also wrong. ... B. Two kinds of processes break down glucose to produce C02: regular aerobic cellular respiration and fermentation. ... In the first stage, the light-dependent reactions, light energy is used to make ATP (and to make NADPI-l), so this one can be crossed out as well. ... Answers (B) and (C) show 2 pyruvates entering the Krebs cycle, so they both must be wrong.

Title:SAT II Biology For Dummies
Author:Scott Hatch, Zimmer Hatch
Publisher:For Dummies - 2005-04-01


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