SAMSUNG GALAXY S6: The Complete Guide for Seniors

SAMSUNG GALAXY S6: The Complete Guide for Seniors

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The Samsung S6 is one of the latest smart phones that has been released from Samsung Electronics. These phones are very helpful to persons who are older as it makes many tasks virtually effortless. As the successor to the S5 which was a major hit with seniors, the S6 has enhanced and improved many of the beloved features. The S6 has been updated with new ideas and an improved design which is very attractive. The body of the phone has been redesigned to be more durable and handle the needs of a senior citizen. The user can use these devices to remind them of important events and also help them to be more tech savvy and remain up to date with all their interests. This guide will show the user how to navigate the different areas of the phone to use it to the best of their ability in an easy step by step guide. Pre-Release Views The Samsung S6 received positive commentary after it was unveiled as persons observed the quality design over the previous versions. There were also improvements in the camera and tweaks in the software to make it more user friendly and less a€œbloateda€. The S6 also includes a fingerprint reader that can be compared to the Applea€™s Touch ID system which made an impact in the mobile market. Many persons feel that the Samsung S6 and S6 Edge has finally satisfied a complete Smart Phone device that has all the necessary features. There were some concerns about the regression in some features however it was made clear why this had to be done. In regards to the S6 Edge, the curved display was seen as a vast improvement over the Galaxy Note Edge.S Health This application allows the user to monitor and manage their health and fitness. Fitness ... When this app is started for the first time or ran after a data reset , the onscreen instructions will guide how to get it configured. Touch the Sanbsp;...

Title:SAMSUNG GALAXY S6: The Complete Guide for Seniors
Author:Steve Markelo
Publisher:Conceptual Kings - 2015-06-24


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