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It is the not too distant future. The Gulf Stream has ceased and the climate is plunged into turmoil. England has changed. Civil Servant Quinn is dispatched to conduct an audit on a remote plot of land up North, designated for a brand new model town. But he swiftly realises how inflammatory his presence is when confronted by those on the sharp end of the new reality: Owen, a suicidal farmer whose livestock has been destroyed after a slew of viruses; Winston, a disillusioned journalist with a gallery of photos that show the truth about the site; and Pollard, the local man of God whose faith is up for sale. But it is Anna, Quinn's sometime girlfriend, in charge of filling the dead cattle pits, who faces the deepest abyss of all. As the heavens open once again, the mountains of toxic soil that surround the site slowly begin to shift, and Quinn will face the ultimate test of his integrity.Ultimately it is not the war but the refusal of his admirers to acknowledge the trauma of his experiences that will take him closer to the edge of sanity that he both craves and fears . . . a#39;A subtle ... It is the not too distant future.The Gulf Stream has.

Author:Robert Edric
Publisher:Random House - 2010-03-18


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