Saffina Desforges’ ROSE RED crime thriller box set

Saffina Desforges’ ROSE RED crime thriller box set

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From the award-winning international bestseller, SAFFINA DESFORGES comes a crime thriller spree of stories. Including Rose Red #1 a #2 full-length novels and 2 series-related short stories, this boxed set has everything you need to start you off on your next long-running crime series. #1 - SNOW WHITE Cass 'Red' Rose is a feisty female cop fighting the usual battles that go with being a senior detective in The London's Met. Most coppers go home at night and forget about it. Not so easy when you live with a leading criminal defence lawyer; as one fights to put them away, the other tries to get them off. A priceless artefact is stolen en route from the Louvre to the Victoria a Albert Museum and now the mysterious Queenie wants The Hunstman to get it back. For Red the case is a distraction from the more pressing matters of a gang terrorising the London estates. But when Red's boss and mentor is targeted by The Hunstman things get personal. Very personal. Set in modern-day London, Snow White is a fast-paced, gritty urban thriller that will leave you wondering whether fairy tales really do have happy endings. #2 - RAPUNZEL With the Huntsman safely behind bars, and newly promoted to DCI, Red is faced with a new challenge. Someone is murdering men in the city and leaving a particularly nasty calling card in their mouths. Of course, things are never that simple for Red. Throw in a suicide jumper on a bank holiday weekend, the kids being abducted, the partner's ex wanting custody, DC Jez Harris's new girlfriend, and the small matter of inheriting an illegal Smith a Wesson, and it's just another day in the life of a Met police officer. Oh, and did we mention Rapunzel's? RING-A-RING O'ROSES When a rare family day out for Detective Chief Inspector Cass 'Red' Rose and her barrister partner Philippa Crichton-Ward QC is cut short by a murder on Blackheath, Red's team are faced with the possibility of gang warfare and race riots among London's troubled youths unless they can sort things. Fast. With the Super wanting results yesterday, the pressure is on to find the killer. But DCs Barry Taylor and Jez Harris have other things on their mind. As usual. And when the pathologist examining the victim starts pointing out anomalies it's clear a simple murder case is about to open up new mysteries. As if Red didn't have enough problems, the Huntsman is back in town and meeting with the mysterious Queenie. And the kids want to go trick-or-treating. Even the busiest of detectives have to make time for Halloween! THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS Christmas comes but once a year, and no-one is more thankful than DCI Cass qRedq Rose. With no major cases on her desk on Christmas Eve morning it seems Red can finish her shift and go Christmas shopping like any normal person. But life is never straight-forward where Red is concerned. And when a police officer from her own station, dressed as Santa, has to be arrested in the toy store where Red is due to meet Grandma and Ruby, it seems to Red like she's never off duty. And that's before the drunken yobs on the next floor start smashing the place up. Then there's the small matter of staying up to welcome Santa's little helpers. Fortunately she has some little elves of her own to lend a hand. #3 - BEAUTY a THE BEAST will be out in 2013.Jez Harristapped impatient fingers on the steering wheel of the Vauxhall Insignia, checking the digital clock on the dash for the tenth time in as many minutes. Seeing it flick over to 01:00 he thumbed the radio at his shoulder. a€œLima threeonefiveanbsp;...

Title:Saffina Desforges’ ROSE RED crime thriller box set
Author:Saffina Desforges
Publisher:MWiDP - 2011


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