Safe House

Safe House

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When There's Nowhere Left to Hide . . . When Rob Hale wakes up in hospital after a motorcycle crash he is told that Lena, the woman he claims was travelling with him, doesn't exist. The woman he describes bears a striking resemblance to his recently deceased sister, Laura, but has he really only imagined her? Rob sets out to find the answers to who Lena is and where she has gone. He is aided by Rebecca Lewis, a London-based PI, who has come to the Isle of Man at the behest of his parents to investigate his sister's suicide. But who is Rebecca really and how did she know his sister? Together Rob and Rebecca follow the clues to discover who took Lena. In doing so they discover that even on an island where most people know each other, everyone hides a secret, and that sometimes your best option isn't to hide but to stay and fight.Another Vauxhall Insignia.Anotherfacelessman.He wasleaning against the rear of the car, legs concealingthe number plate. He moved aside as they pulled close and the boot lid popped up. A lamp blinked on. Lena could see a duvet.

Title:Safe House
Author:Chris Ewan
Publisher:Faber & Faber - 2012-07-17


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