Saddam's Ties to Al Queda

Saddam's Ties to Al Queda

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Saddam Hussein and Usama Bin Laden... Saddam and the 9/11 attacks, There's no shortage of ties between the two. There was a relationship, but there's no concrete evidence of a collaborative relationship to 911. of confusion about Saddam and Bin Laden, and how close there were or were not. The smoke left by shadowy terrorists, Iraqi Intelligence Services agents, Western spies, and anonymous international media sources makes the haze even more impenetrable. Adding to this blindness is the curtain of political partisanship that was cast over the issue by both sides in the 2004 Presidential campaign. So what is the truth? reports, bi-partisan investigations, hundreds of media and literary sources, newly discovered documents found in post-war Iraq, interrogation reports of Saddam and captured senior Al Queda leaders. Coupled with the 20-20 hindsight vision of history and reports secured through the Freedom of Information Act, this book shows very clearly what is known, what the public is allowed to know, and not only allows readers to make their own assessments, but encourages just that.aquot;Not until 1998 did al Qaeda undertake a major terrorist operation of its own, in large part because Bin Ladin lost his base in Sudan. ... began to report that lraq was training Al Queda in document forgery and providing Al Queda with false passports and other documentation. ... The Kuwaiti authorities arrested 1 7 persons suspected in the plot to kill Bush using explosives hidden in a Toyota Landcruiser.

Title:Saddam's Ties to Al Queda
Author:Sam Pender
Publisher:Virtualbookworm Publishing - 2005-01-01


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