Sabotage in the Sky

Sabotage in the Sky

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Bill Trevillian is as ruggedly handsome as he is bold and brave. Kip Lee is as strikingly beautiful as she is fiery and fearless. And theya€™ve got something in common. Theya€™re both test pilots . . . for rival aviation companies. Put them together and, like a young Tracy and Hepburn, sparks are bound to fly. The Second World War is raging in Europe, and England and France are looking to America for a fighter plane to match up with the superior Nazi Messerschmitt. The competition between Bill and Kip is fierce, and the stakes are stratospheric. Because therea€™s an added element in the mix: a deadly saboteur. People say alla€™s fair in love and war, but when therea€™s Sabotage in the Sky, the flight path from heated rivalry to heated romance could lead Bill and Kip to crash and burn. a€œIf you crave air adventure written by an airman who knows what a hot plane can do, dona€™t miss Sabotage in the Sky, a€ wrote the editor introducing the story in 1940. And Hubbarda€™s knowledge proved prophetica€”unknown to the FBI, the German intelligence service, the Abwehr, was actively gathering intelligence about American military aircraft designs and manufacturing. The author also had personal aviation experience, earning a reputation as a daredevil pilot barnstorming across the United States, landing in farmera€™s fields and skimming over the top of telephone wiresa€”experiences he put to good use as a well-known aviation correspondent and one of the most accomplished writers of aviation adventure.Ia#39;ve got a car. Ia#39;ll take you out to BCA. And . . . look. . . therea#39;s the moon. Wea#39;ll fly straight up into it, just you and me, and leave all this behind us.a€ a€œOh, Mr. Trevillian!a€ Bill, for all his sleepy languor, was a man of action on occasion. In less than ananbsp;...

Title:Sabotage in the Sky
Author:L. Ron Hubbard
Publisher:Galaxy Press LLC - 2009-07-16


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