Sable Stones of Melentar

Sable Stones of Melentar

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What if Dwarfs, Elves and Magicians were not a fantasy, but one possible outcome of earth's future. That is what the four story's heroes are about to find out. A Marine, a college Student, a Horticulturalist, and a Thief are seized by a wizard using the magical Sable Stones to aide in the destruction of a seemingly unstoppable evil. To help ensure victory they are put through extensive fighter, mage, druid, and thief training and given one month to recover four legendary items to aide them in their final quest. The heroes then decend into the evil dungeon fortress to face, and hopefully defeat the horrors inside.Lightning has knocked out all the power. What a break ... He looked down towards the brick, realizing that if he broke the window now it would be just another alarm set off by the storm. At least thata#39;s ... Sweat flew through the air as his head spun from one side to the other as he tried to find anything to break the glass with. His eyes caught a glimpse of something on the sidewalk about a block up the street.

Title:Sable Stones of Melentar
Author:Stephen Morris - 2009-09-27


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