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This Chisholm brother rustles up more than he bargained for, but it's nothing a rugged cowboy can't handle. At his remote mountain retreat, Dawson Chisholm's peace is shattered by rustlers. To his surprise, the one he captures turns out to be a womana€”and not just any woman, but a beautiful firebrand nicknamed qJinx.q Although she swears she's an undercover investigator, she has no proofa€band Dawson has no other choice but to hold her close. Brittany Bo qJinxq Clarke is determined to bring down the leader of the ring. Dawson wants to retrieve his stolen cattle. To get what they both want, they'll have to work together. But spending their days and nights alonea€”just the two of them against a band of thievesa€”presents another problem: resisting the irresistible Chisholm charm. And she's not sure she wants to.a€ba€œShea#39;s on a four-wheeler.a€ She opened the back door, heard the four-wheeler crank over and saw Aggie take off through the pasture. McCall realized the deputies couldna#39;t possibly get there fast enough. Aggie was going to get away unlessa€”anbsp;...

Author:B.J. Daniels
Publisher:Harlequin - 2011-07-01


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