Russian Foreign Policy toward Missile Defense

Russian Foreign Policy toward Missile Defense

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This book is devoted to one of the central issues in U.S.-Russian and NATO-Russian relationsa€”ballistic missile defense. Drawing on more than 2, 000 primary sources, interviews with Russian and NATO officials, and a variety of Russian and Western publications, this book offers an unparalleled, in-depth analysis of the reasons behind Russiaa€™s policy towards the construction of a U.S ballistic missile defense in Europe. It provides a critical assessment of the decision-making mechanisms that shape Russiaa€™s position on ballistic missile defense, as well as Russiaa€™s strategic relations with the United States and Russiaa€™s interaction with European and non-European powers. Lilly argues that contrary to Moscowa€™s official claims during the Putin era, Russian objections to the construction of ballistic missile defense in Europe have not been wholly dictated by security concerns. To Russia, missile defense is not purely an issue in and of itself, but rather a symbol and instrument of broader political considerations. At the international level, the factors that have shaped Russiaa€™s response include Moscowa€™s perception of the overall state of U.S.-Russian relations, the Kremlina€™s capacity to project influence and power abroad, and NATOa€™s behavior in the post-Soviet space. Domestically, the issue of missile defense has been a facilitating instrument for strengthening Putina€™s regime and justifying military modernization. Taken together, these instrumental considerations and their fluctuating intensity in different periods prompt the Russian leadership to pursue contradictory policy approaches simultaneously. On the one hand, the Kremlin seeks U.S. cooperation, while on the other hand, it threatens retaliation and reinforces Russian offensive capabilities. The result is Moscowa€™s incoherence, inconsistency, and double-speak over the issue of missile defense.68 (April 11, 2013). cache=1aamp;tx_ttnews[ tt_news]=40717#.UgbIHW2yNdg. a€”a€”a€”. ... 2 (February 2008). http://open.bu. edu/xmlui/bitstream/handle/2144/3649/perspective_18_2_felgenhauer.pdf? sequence=1. a€”a€”a€”. ... a€œBallistic Missile Defense: Concepts and History.a€ In a€œ Weapons.

Title:Russian Foreign Policy toward Missile Defense
Author:Bilyana Lilly
Publisher:Lexington Books - 2014-08-21


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