Russian-English Dictionary of Proverbs and Sayings

Russian-English Dictionary of Proverbs and Sayings

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This dictionary contains 2, 375 Russian sayings and proverbs and their English counterparts. Variants of each saying are included, and careful attention is given to the differences in British and American versions. For example, the Russian saying that is interpreted as qChildren behave in a childish way, and they cannot be expected to act like grown-up people, q is first given in Russian (in the Cyrillic alphabet) and then in English, and is then followed by the nearest English-language equivalent sayings in Britain and the United States: qYoung colts will canterq (British) and qBoys will be boysq (American). The proverbs and sayings are arranged alphabetically by the first Russian word (in the Cyrillic alphabet) and are cross-referenced so the reader can find analogous Russian versions of English sayings. There is a keyword index for each language (one in English, one in Russian in the Cyrillic alphabet), which allows the reader to find a proverb or a saying without knowing the first word. Proverbs and sayings are current and include those popular in both spoken Russian and literature. The prefatory matter is in both English and Russian, for readers who have a command of either language.Life is no bed of roses (not wholly beer and skittles) (Am.). Life is not a bed of roses (all beer and skittles, all clear sailing in calm water, all honey) (Br.). No life without pain (Am.). Take things as they are (Br.). We all have our ups and downs anbsp;...

Title:Russian-English Dictionary of Proverbs and Sayings
Author:Alexander Margulis, Asya Kholodnaya
Publisher:McFarland - 2000-02-01


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