Running the Bulls

Running the Bulls

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One year and six days into an unsatisfactory retirement, Howard Woods is awakened by his wife in the early hours of the morning to hear the news of a decades-old betrayal. He does not take it well. Howard upends his well-ordered life and, to the dismay of his family, announces his intention of traveling to Spain to join the annual running of the bulls in Pamplona. Having thrown his life into chaos, Howard finds that his wife is no longer willing to restore it to order as she has always done in the past. He is now miserably committed to a Hemingway-inspired course of his own choosing but with little idea of how to change it or to achieve the resolution he desires. Instead of at home where he wishes to be, he ends up living at the Holiday Inn. How does a middle-aged man of the Eisenhower era (who still can't do his own laundry) survive in the age of cell phones and cable TV? The result is hilarious and, at times, achingly poignant. Cathie Pelletier's novels have been praised as qhilarious, generous and genuineq (New Yorker), qbitingly originalq (Vogue), qmasterful, q (Washington Post), and qfunny and unexpectedly movingq (New York Times). She is qabsolutely, inherently funny, q says the Los Angeles Times, qyet she can walk the tightrope between humor and grief without once losing her balance.q In Running the Bulls, she is in top form.aquot;I want to get rid of a Ford Probe GT, aquot; he said. aquot;One of their lemons?aquot; asked Jeff. It seemed the whole world knew about the problems Ford was having with their Probes, at least everyone but Howard, and how many more Probe owners?

Title:Running the Bulls
Author:Cathie Pelletier
Publisher:UPNE - 2005


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