Rock Chicks

Rock Chicks

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ROCK CHICKS a€“ THE HOTTEST FEMALE ROCKERS FROM THE 1960a€™S TO NOW profiles the hottest rocka€™na€™roll women, spanning the 1960s to current times; from Janis Joplin, Suzi Quatro and Chrissie Hynde to Courtney Love and Pink. With perceptive biographies and in-depth music critiques, author Alison Stieven-Taylor gives an up-close and personal look at the experiences, adventures and musical passions of these extraordinary and talented women whose wild vocals and on-stage antics have made them rock a roll legends. Through personal heartaches, drug addictions, public humiliations and private nightmares these rock chicks have risen to take the music world by storm often facing great personal adversity; pressure and scrutiny that would have destroyed mere mortals. a€c Madonna spent years living in squats in New York before going on to sell 250 million records a€c Marianne Faithfull fell in love with heroin forsaking her other love Mick Jagger for the white powder a€c Annie Lennox endured the loss of a child in the glare of the media spotlight a€c Stevie Nicks battled drug addictions a€“ cocaine and anti-depressants a€“ for twenty years a€c Tina Turner survived the brutal bashings of her husband Ike Turner performing on stage with broken ribs and contusions a€c Alanis Morissette suffered from anorexia and bulimia a€c PJ Harvey was driven into therapy by the pressures of celebrity And all went on to make some of the most memorable music the world of rock has heard.Her lessthanthrilled band mateswere worried it wouldbethe death knell for Fleetwood Mac, particularly giventhe badreception of 1979a#39;s experimentalTusk, which ... Iovine wasahard taskmaster, telling Stevie therewas no placeforarocka#39;na#39; roll divain hisstudio. ... manicpace andescalating cocaine use were taking their toll.

Title:Rock Chicks
Author:Alison Stieven Taylor
Publisher:Rockpool Publishing - 2010-09-01


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