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Rodney Garrison lost his wife and unborn child to a car accident caused by an innocent but distracted driver on her phone. An intelligent and calculating man, Rodney sets out to avenge his wife's death, taking one victim after another in a most unusual fashion on the streets of Southern California.Best friends Tommy Kinnard a Smoke Shelby are regular guys inadvertently drawn into the Roadkiller's plan. As their growing involvement threatens his next moves, Garrison becomes more brash and directed in his killings. A fast-paced, impossible-to-put-down thriller, Rasor has artfully woven together human traits of arrogance, guilt, racism and close friendships.a€œIta#39;s Friday night and the worlda#39;s all right, Roadkillah shines bright, it sounds all right ana#39; ita#39;s dyn-o-miiiite, a€ he sang - amazingly ... Hea#39;d been the lead story on all the LA stations all day, and hea#39;d been glued to the TV since six-thirty, after arriving home ... Hea#39;d tried the PlayStation, but it was just too tame after this morninga#39;s festivities, so hea#39;d contented himself with ... and took his swollen member in hand again and again to fly his imaginary jet-black Apache attack helicopter in for the kill.

Author:John Rasor
Publisher:Central Avenue Publishing - 2009-12-17


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