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Dad taught Samantha how to handle everything inside a racing car...except the world outside of one. When Samantha was 16, she drove the car that killed her dad. Convinced she was spared in the accident for a reason, Samantha dedicated her life to becoming what her dad always planned for her to be...a racing champion. Starting her second season in Formula One, the 18-year-old wants to prove to her critics that she's more than a girl who can drive, but a future world champion ready to shine. But Samantha's plans didn't include hated rival Emilio Ronaldo becoming her new teammate. What was her team thinking? This is the same guy who used her dad's death as a weapon to psyche her out before a race. And they want Samantha to get along with him? Emilio Ronaldo never rests on his laurels. A winner of 8 world championships, the man always looks for an edge. Leaving Ferrari was a bold move, but one Emilio's willing to take to stay on top. Now he'll be on equal terms with that girl who chased him down like an animal at Spa. That teen girl who showed more guts on the track than half the men on the starting grid. How can Samantha be this good? What's her secret? She doesn't drive like a teenage girl. She drives like a man. Manny doesna€™t like to create waves. His uncle owns the racing team, but the crew teases the boy like one of their own. But thata€™s okay. Manny dreams of designing his own race cars and his new girlfriend Samantha wants to drive them. Shea€™s perfect. The best thing to ever happen to him. But Manny chafes against the self-absorbed racing star rising above the ashes of the girl he fell in love with. Can he save that girl from destroying herself again? Samantha fears her teammate will take over the racing team she loves. The stress proves too much. Samantha's confidence unravels as her new season goes into a tailspin. The girl's hopes for a championship are slipping fast and she doesn't know how to stop it. Fans of Courtney Summers' strong female characters and those who love action-packed books like The Hunger Games should find Rivals exciting and emotionally compelling. Fans of Ally Carter's Heist Society should enjoy the international settings and lifestyles. qIf I could fall for the Black Stallion books with a teenage jockey, then why not a teenage race car driver. Samantha is certainly a strong enough personality!q -- GS Marlene qThis book surpasses its predecessor!q -- Laura Keywords: young adult romance, formula 1, sports fiction, sports romance, racing romance, action fiction, teen young adult, strong female characters, romantic action adventure, auto racing romanceaquot;A fun ride with great tension...I cana#39;t wait for book 3 to see how Samantha pulls herself out of her problems and returns to the top of the standings!aquot; -- GS Marlene aquot;This book surpasses its predecessor!

Author:Doug Solter
Publisher:Doug Solter - 2014-09-23


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