Rituals For An Enchanted Life

Rituals For An Enchanted Life

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Many people are searching for ways to bring richness and meaning back into their lives. Rituals provide powerful tools for doing this, and for facilitating personal transformation and spiritual development. As well as providing opportunities for peace and focus in a busy day, they encourage reconnection with the world around us, and with ourselves. Rituals for an Enchanted Life will help us to energise, connect with, process and release or anchor our thoughts and feelings. They include--Rituals for use at home, creating sanctuaries, attracting positive energies --Ways to create magical places - using altars as personal 'power points'--Empowering rituals for improving relationships, for enhancing or changing them --Ways to release negativity and achieve personal goals--Rituals for use at work, in the office, and throughout the year-Next time you make coffee with a drip filter, add some spiritual energy to the brew along with the usual caffeine. YOU WILL NEED:Ground coffee Coffee maker Pen and paper Fill the filter with ground coffee and smell the delicious aroma.

Title:Rituals For An Enchanted Life
Author:Lynn Williams
Publisher:Random House - 2011-09-30


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