Ritual Textuality: Pattern and Motion in Performance

Ritual Textuality: Pattern and Motion in Performance

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A classic question in studies of ritual is how ritual performances achieve-or fail to achieve-their effects. In this pathbreaking book, Matt Tomlinson argues that participants condition their own expectations of ritual success by interactively creating distinct textual patterns of sequence, conjunction, contrast, and substitution. Drawing on long-term research in Fiji, Ritual Textuality presents in-depth studies of each of these patterns, taken from a wide range of settings: a fiery, soul-saving Pentecostal crusade; relaxed gatherings at which people drink the narcotic beverage kava; deathbeds at which missionaries eagerly await the signs of good Christians' qhappy deathsq; and the monologic pronouncements of a military-led government determined to make the nation speak in a single voice. In each of these cases, Tomlinson also examines the broad ideologies of motion which frame participants' ritual actions, such as Pentecostals' beliefs that effective worship requires ecstatic movement like jumping, dancing, and clapping, and nineteenth-century missionaries' insistence that the journeys of the soul in the afterlife should follow a new path. By approaching ritual as an act of qentextualizationq-in which the flow of discourse is turned into object-like texts-while analyzing the ways people expect words, things, and selves to move in performance, this book presents a new and compelling way to understand the efficacy of ritual action.In Suva, Fijia#39;s capital, I conducted ethnographic and archival research during parts of 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011. ... the focus of most of my worka€”a sense of effective religious practice depends heavily on the use of particular forms of speech.

Title:Ritual Textuality: Pattern and Motion in Performance
Author:Matt Tomlinson
Publisher:Oxford University Press - 2014-02-14


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