Riding a Donkey Backwards Through Afghanistan

Riding a Donkey Backwards Through Afghanistan

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A BEHIND-THE-SCENES ACCOUNT OF AMERICA'S CRITICAL EFFORT TO BUILD AN AFGHANISTAN NATIONAL ARMY DISCOVER: - WHY THE U.S. IS BUILDING AN AFGHANISTAN NATIONAL ARMY - WHY AMERICAN TROOPS CAN'T LEAVE AFGHANISTAN YET - HOW YOUR TAX MONEY IS BEING SPENT Written from the unique vantage point of the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan, this book reveals the inside story of the United States' army-building efforts. As the first comptroller responsible for funding the Afghanistan National Army, Mick earned the Bronze Star Medal while spending $400 million taxpayer dollars and planning the spending for $2.1 billion more. Mick has appeared on: - National Public Radio - CNN International - Armed Forces NewsWhile we in the West are comfortable sitting on a toilet seat, most Afghanistan soldiers didna#39;t know how to use them. ... The plumbing problems were also fairly expensive to repair because the plumbing had been built underground, and when itanbsp;...

Title:Riding a Donkey Backwards Through Afghanistan
Author:Mick Simonelli
Publisher:Hillcrest Publishing Group - 2009


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