Riddle in the Sand

Riddle in the Sand

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It's the dawn of a new summer on Long Beach Island and the fireworks have already begun. Ignited by a sizzling cast of shady characters that include a dime store Santa with an ax to grind; a matronly, metal-detecting museum curator; a dubious real estate developer; and a web of nefarious businessmen, power brokers and government officials doing battle with a radical group of surfing environmental activists, the stage is set for the explosive events about to take place. Geoffrey Martin has graduated from Princeton University and follows in his father's footsteps, exploring the trail of a recent biological outbreak that has descended upon Fort Dix and the fragile New Jersey environs that enshrouds it. He may not find the cure he's looking for, but he's certainly capable of cooking up an adventure wherever he is. Geoffrey's older sister Kelly has put a career in international politics on hold to provide part time clerical assistance for outspoken Surf City mayor Dillard C. Webb, while continuing to dabble in flights of romantic fantasy and outdoor summer fun. Their unpredictable pal Danny Windsor is too busy catching waves to notice that the tide is rising underneath him. Soon, he won't be able to paddle fast enough to get out of the way of the danger he has seen with his very own eyes. Once again united by time, place, and an unrelenting passion for mystery, the three summer sleuths find themselves confronting the vagaries of life and the tragic beauty that surrounds us all. No longer naAmve teens, they continue to grow together, this time while assembling the pieces that will help to solve The Riddle in the Sand.Am I glad thata#39;s over with, a€ said Kelly, stepping into Dannya#39;s Jeep Wrangler and kicking off her Birkenstocks. She felt uncomfortable in her old black dress and wondered whether anyone at the service had noticed it was about two ... She had once dreamed of working at the United Nations or maybe even in Foreign Services, putting her knowledge of gamesmanship to proper use, but the recession hadanbsp;...

Title:Riddle in the Sand
Author:John Calu, Dave Hart
Publisher:iUniverse - 2009-09


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