Rich Media Studiolab

Rich Media Studiolab

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With its low bandwidth and tiny file sizes, it is often wrongly assumed that sound and video can never achieve a really high level of sophistication in Flash animations. With competitive motion graphics techniques rapidly evolving, there is a constantly growing demand for the next stage in sophisticated designa€”video and sound. This book will do exactly what they said wasn't possible by illustrating how video and sound can be integrated into your Flash presentations, placing you at the extreme edge of creative web design. The application of such tools as AfterEffects, QuickTime, SoundForge and Wildform test the boundaries of Flash and suggest ways to take sound and video beyond Flash and into the realm of Shockwave. Showing you how to break your site down and incorporate video and sound, the techniques covered in this book capitalise on the capabilities of Flash, whilst tackling its limitations head-on. It will then look at how to take web video and sound a step further with Shockwave presentations. What youa€™ll learnWho this book is for All Flash designers who appreciate the need to use sound and video in order to stay ahead in the motion web graphics sector. Readers of other friends of ED Flash Studio titles who want to take the next step towards becoming qNew Mastersq.The same manual is used for all the Acid versions (Pro, Music, Style, Xpress) and different version specific features are clearly ... ShoutyStuf 5 - FilterVox 6 i agt; Cymbal / agt;Cowbel t agt;Clap / agt;Tamb i agt;Sync t agt;SnarAlRoll j TribalLoop l ELECBass tanbsp;...

Title:Rich Media Studiolab
Author:Kristian Besley, Sham Bhangal, Murat Bodur, Kevyn Smith, Mike Tucker, Paul Logan, Tania Aleo, Martin Dahlhauser, Fred Fauquette, Doug McDermott, Keran McKenzie, Alex Ogle, Mark Welland, Jorge Diogo, Robin Mackay, Alex MacLeod
Publisher:friendsofED - 2001-08-31


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