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Pancreatic ribonuclease, the focus of highly productive scientific research for more than half a century and the only enzyme to be the basis of four Nobel prizes, has recently undergone a resurgence in popularity for the recognition of an extended ribonuclease superfamily with functions ranging from tumour growth and inhibition to self-recognition and neurotoxicity. This volume highlights the functional diversity of ribonucleases and reveals the emerging research opportunities provided by these enzymes. * Never before has discussion of the entire family of ribonucleases and related enzymes been covered in a single volume * Core chapters focus on the latest structures and functions of pancreatic-type ribonucleases * Structures and functions of intracellular ribonucleases and nondigestive members of the family are also covered * How ribonucleases continue to serve as excellent systems with which to uncover the secrets of protein chemistry is demonstratedA schematic diagram of the 124-amino-acid residue polypeptide backbone of RNase A with uridine vanadate bound in the ... The side chains of amino acid residues associated with the active site are labeled; the atoms of the uridine vanadateanbsp;...

Author:Giuseppe D'Alessio, James F. Riordan
Publisher:Academic Press - 1997-02-11


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